What is an equine spa?

The Equine spa is a method of cold salt hydrotherapy where the horse is stood in a pool of 2°C /35°F saltwater. The combination of low temperature, high salt concentration, and water pressure increases lower limb circulation and removes excess fluid in tissues. This promotes the development of strong muscle tissue and significantly reduces pain and inflammation.


Research continues to highlight the healing properties of equine spas. A study in 2015 found that regularly using an equine spa was effective for treating lower limb injuries in a horse and led to significant improvements in soft tissue swelling with visible results seen both clinically and on ultrasounds.

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8 facts about equine spas and what they can do for the health of your horse

1. Equine spas aid in the treatment of many lower limb injuries and conditions.
Cold salt water therapy flushes away excess fluid in tissues, reduces swelling, and increases blood circulation. This helps increase the healing process of many injuries such as tendons and ligament injuries, soft-tissue damage, fractures, sore shins, bruising, splints and ringbone, bursitis and synovitis, inflammation of joints, laminitis, flesh wounds, abscesses, bruising and hoof related problems, mud fever, and skin conditions, concussion, arthritis, navicular syndrome, sesamoiditis, and many more.

2. Horse spas can be used for preventative care.
Cold salt hydrotherapy improves the circulation of the lower limbs. Regular treatments improve the horse’s mobility and help prevent lameness or the development of other injuries/health conditions.

3. Reduced fatigue and quicker recovery from exercise.
Equine spas are a great tool to implement into a horse’s training regime. Cold water relieves sore and tight muscles and increases the rate of muscle repair. The horse can recover quicker and be ready to perform again in their next workout or competition.

4. A form of cold therapy.
The horse spa is filled with water at a temperature of 2°C /35°F. The coolness of the water provides an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the horse’s natural healing process.

5. Water depth in the spa can be adjusted.
ECB equine spas allow for the depth of the water to be adjusted depending on the position and severity of the lower limb. The deeper the water, the more hydrostatic pressure is exerted on the tissue which increases the removal of excess fluids reducing inflammation and increasing circulation to a greater degree. ECB equine spas also come with a cold hose attachment which allows spotting and treating the injured area with cold salt water. This is an effective way for treating hard-to-reach areas like stifles.

6. Equine spas provide salt water therapy for horses.
The high concentration of salt in the water has an anti-inflammatory effect which facilitates injury healing and prevention. Salt increases the density of the water which increases pressure aiding in the dispersal of waste and excess fluids.

7. Equine spas have a massaging effect.
ECB equine spas have water aeration which has a massaging effect on the leg. This helps to stimulate fluid dispersal and increase the dissolved oxygen content in the spa solution enhancing natural defense systems and aiding in the healing process.

8. It is a drug-free non-invasive treatment.
Cold salt hydrotherapy is a drug-free treatment for horses which is particularly beneficial for those who compete. The non-invasive nature of the therapy also makes it a stress-free experience for the horse.

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