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We are the market leaders, with over 400 equine spas and water treadmills sold worldwide.

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Our Products

We have a premium range of equine spas, water treadmills and high-speed treadmills for competition and racing horses, as well as those that are in rehab. We have offices all over the world, with a wealth of expertise between us. Explore our full range below.

ECB Equine Water Treadmill

The ECB water treadmill is made with high quality materials, has numerous safety features and allows for the use of fresh and saltwater.

ECB Equine Spa

Treat a multitude of injuries in our Cold Salt Hydrotherapy Equine Spas.

ECB Mobile Spa

Relocate your equine spa to treat horses at other locations, by simply placing it on a flatbed truck.

ECB Instant Cryo

Our unique handheld cryotherapy device delivers quick and effective localized treatments for horse recovery, rehabilitation, and performance.

GG Engineering High-Speed Treadmill for Horses

ECB Equine is the official agent for the GG Engineering High-Speed Treadmill in the UK. The treadmill is an effective training tool used to increase the speed and endurance of your horse.

What our customers say…

“We are very pleased with the choice of ECB equine water treadmill. It is very friendly to use, with an innovative technology that allows us to customize for each horse a personalized training program, with which we have had excellent results. In addition to the most advanced technology and quality of the treadmill, I have to mention the added value of after-sales service, which is undoubtedly a crucial factor of success.”

— Ana Elias da Costa Fernandes, Portugal

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Discover more about our ECB Equine Spas, ECB Aqua Treadmills and other popular products by visiting our product gallery page. If you have any questions about any of our products get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

We’re proud to announce that ECB are the first equine company in the world to offer aqua treadmills with a heart rate monitor.