ECB InstantCryo ™

The ECB INSTANTCRYO ™ is an innovative handheld device that provides effective and localized cryotherapy treatments for horses. The combination of extreme cold temperatures and high-pressure vapor allows for an instant reduction in pain and inflammation and accelerated recovery from common horse conditions/injuries. Regular use of the ECB INSTANTCRYO ™ treatments is also beneficial for the general wellbeing and performance of the horse, as well as for preventative care.

How ECB INSTANTCRYO™ treatments work
INSTANTCRYO™ releases C02 gas at -108°F (-78°C) at a high pressure 50 bar (756 psi). Within 30 seconds, the skin surface temperature of the injured area is reduced to 39°F (4°C). This induces the cryotherapeutic effect whereby blood flow to the injured area is rapidly increased delivering healing proteins, collagen, anti-oxidants, enabling the body to repair the injured area whilst simultaneously removing the toxins and reducing inflammation. This increases the natural process of recovery enabling the horse to get back optimal health in a shorter time frame.

Instantcryo for horses

INSTANTCRYO™ treatments are 30 seconds long. Specific treatment protocols are given during INSTANTCRYO™ training. Research has shown that cryotherapy treatments not only reduce recovery time but also reduce the risk of relapse and reoccurring injury. This is especially beneficial for racehorses as it allows them to proceed with their sports career without any difficulty.

Below are some of the many conditions that INSTANTCRYO™ can naturally treat:

• Horse tendon & ligament injuries
• Heat & inflammation
• Muscle injuries
• Buritis and synovitis
• Horse lameness
• Horse arthritis
• Horse cellulitis
• Hematomas
• Joint injuries/diseases

ECB INSTANTCRYO™ Device and features
The device is uniquely made with lightweight aluminium and is installed with laser precision technology which makes INSTANTCRYO™ the safest and most robust hand-held device within the world of cryotherapy. The device is also ergonomically designed making it is an easier and more practical way to treat injuries on a horse than traditional forms of cold therapy such as applying ice packs.

A high-definition 320×240 pixel thermal imaging camera and a range of unique nozzles designed for treating specific injuries/conditions accompany the device to enable more effective and precise treatments.

INSTANTCRYO™ is available worldwide directly or via our stockists. Full training and ongoing support are included with the purchase to ensure the product is used safely and effectively.

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