ECB EQUINE Aqua Treadmill

The ECB equine aqua treadmill is an effective tool for horse training and rehabilitation. Installed with the latest technology and performance analysis, the user-friendly system allows for the creation and storage of individual programs for the training and rehabilitation of each horse.

The equine water treadmill is made with high-quality materials, has numerous safety features, and allows for the use of both fresh and salt water. The full benefits of horse hydrotherapy can be achieved in a safe and simple way.

With the unique self-cleaning filtration system and the use of nappies, water can be used for over six weeks instead of weekly or daily water changes. Easy access ports beneath the treadmill allow for the cleaning of sediment and dirt under the belt.

Training on the water treadmill is proven to enhance the endurance, muscle mass, and core stability of the horse. Due to the incline function, the treadmill can be used for uphill horse training which allows for advanced fitness to be reached.

Water depth, incline, and belt speed are used to provide a controlled environment for the rehabilitation of spinal conditions and injuries of the extremities.

Training on the water treadmill allows the development of specific muscle groups and the buoyancy from the water reduces concussion on the lower limbs.

Hydrotherapy encourages the horse to increase their natural movement pattern. This leads to an increase in muscle mass, joint range of movement, core stability, balance, and coordination.

The ECB Aqua Treadmill is an indispensable supplement for the training
and rehabilitation of horses.

ECB EQUINE Aqua Treadmill Product features

  • User friendly, fully programmable touch operation panel
  • 1000 storable programs 
  • Heart rate monitoring system (optional)
  •  Manufactured in either single or three phase electricity
  • Self-cleaning programs, remote diagnostics, video manuals and guides
  • Status of water level, running speed, belt incline and training time are displayed and can be adjusted simultaneously
  • Incline of 0-12% for uphill work, controllable in single 1% increments
  • Maximum speed of 12kph to allow for walk and trot
  • Water level: adjustable to 104cm (41”)
  • Filtration: built-in drum filter (including UV), cartridge filter and separate UV filter providing up-to six weeks of clean water
  • Automatic dosing system.
  • Nappies/diapers and droppings catcher included
  • Manufactured using marine grade stainless steel making it totally compatible with salt water
  • Large safety glass windows on all sides to analyse stride and gait
  • Usable as a dry treadmill
  • Optional refrigeration package


Experience the future of equine water treadmill technology with ECB’s Built-In Heart Rate Monitoring System – where precision meets performance.

After two years of dedicated development, ECB now offers a built-in heart monitoring system for the aqua treadmills.

With advanced functionalities such as real-time data streaming, comprehensive data logging and remote support, the system serves as an invaluable tool in optimising your horse’s training sessions. You can accurately track progress and delve into key metrics, offering unparalleled insights to enhance the overall training experience.