ecb mobile equine spas

The ECB Premier Fiberglass Mobile Spa weighs only 900kgs/2,000 lbs. when empty. Many of the ECB clientele relocate their equine spa to treat horses at other locations (Racetracks, rodeo events, equestrian competitions, etc.), by simply placing it on a flatbed truck.

Other clients mount their ECB mobile equine spas in a custom-made trailer to immediately treat horses directly inside. Cold salt hydrotherapy can be applied to injured horses safely and securely without the need for transportation to a rehabilitation center. Mobile trailer owners have treated over 25 horses daily by locating their spas at competitive events.

Spa trailers can be made as basic or as complex as the client desires, depending on their needs and budget. We have found it most cost-effective to speak with a trailer maker in your area and share your objectives to create a mobile spa that meets your specifications.