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Equine Spa Features


The technology behind the fibreglass ECB Spa is called G.R.P. or “Glass Reinforced Polyester” ~ it has a better strength to weight ratio than steel, is a natural insulating material, won’t warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance free. Unlike the steel spas you see on the market, that develop rust in any scratch and hold dents and bangs forever, your spa will look as good five years down the road as it did the day you got it! Over the years ECB has replaced many of the steel spas due to their aged appearance after only a couple of years.

Half Door

One of the major factors in treating new horses and youngsters for the first time is the fear that they will try to exit the spa during treatment. To avoid the horse and handler being injured by falling doors/ramps and steel caging, ECB has produced a door which has a removable section to work as a half door. The door has simple catches which are undone and the panel removed. If the horse becomes uncomfortable during the initial introduction, the handler simply lets the horse step over the door (although since production of the half door, this has rarely happened). Through extensive trials, it has been proven that the horse feels less claustrophobic and confined and therefore, less likely to want to escape the spa. The panel can then be inserted back into place and used as a fully sealed operational door, treating to the mid forearm.


The ECB spa has a single, quick release handle ensuring the safety of both horse and handler

tie up rings


The built-in, reinforced lifting eyes located on top of the ECB spa allow the unit to be maneuvered more easily on installation and relocation.


The side hatch of the spa is easily opened to access all of the spa components. The entire side of the spa opens up into the air through the use of gas rams, making the door virtually weightless. Changing and cleaning of filters becomes effortless.


The only spa on the market which comes with a harness to collect droppings. With easy, loose, connections, the horse always remains comfortable. Excrement in the water, although easily managed with an ECB spa, can create filtering issues.

Clear perspex Doors

Designed to make the horse feel less claustrophobic and more at ease in the spa. The high impact Perspex doors are fully strengthened to withhold any amount of pressure that a horse could possibly enforce. By having clear doors the handler’s job becomes easier when treating the horse as the whole animal and water level can be observed through the door.


Prevents the horse from rearing up in the Spa

ease of entry and exit


Durable Marine Grade Stainless Steel is used


The ECB spa has a built-in water tank. Other units on the market use separate water tanks which have to be located around the unit and often take up twice the space. The tank itself is fully insulated, allowing the temperature to be maintained without the need of the chiller constantly running.


For any injuries above the hock area, the ECB Equine Spa has a connective hose (through the filters) to spot treat the problem area with cold saltwater. Cold hosing can be performed alone or in conjunction with a spa treatment. Great for hard to reach areas like stifles…


Professor Hunt did the initial research into the development of cold salt hydrotherapy. You will receive a complete treatment regime manual describing the types of injuries and the treatment parameters to address them. You can also email or speak with Professor Hunt personally. He will not give professional advice to anyone owning any other spa brand.