ECB Aqua treadmill features

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ECB Aqua Treadmill Features


Water level, belt speed, incline, heart rate, and training time are displayed and adjustable simultaneously for effective horse training, whether for rehabilitation or fitness.


The built-in incline is such an important feature of the water treadmill. It is 12% of the height of the machine which can be altered in single 1% increments. ECB customers have noticed that a greater level of fitness, is achieved in a much shorter time. The incline also helps the horse move in a better outline. The head and neck drop, engaging the core which leads to a stronger and well defined topline.


Programming is made easy with the touchscreen application. Up to 100 storable programs are possible. Status of water level, running speed, belt incline and training time is displayed and adjustable simultaneously. Individual programs can be created and saved for every horse.
The software has a diagnostic system which will alert the user and ECB of any issues. Self cleaning programmes give the user the option to time the cleaning process any time of the day/night, helping to reduce electricity costs whilst keeping the water clean.
Compatible with smartphones.


The ECB aqua treadmill has safety glass windows on both sides and doors to monitor the movement of the horse and to make the entry and exit easy for the horse and operator. Stride and gait analysis is only truly possible with full vision of the horse. A light beam sensor points over the chamber and if the horse slips out of the beam the belt stops immediately. Flexible chest and rear bar’s with easy open latch and easy emergency handles. There are two emergency stop buttons – one to stop the belt immediately and drain down if the horse is in trouble and the second to shut down the entire machine – this is a basic health and safety requirement to protect the operator.


The ECB water treadmill uses the latest technology in filtration allowing for up to 6 weeks successful use before the need to change the water. Avoiding weekly water changes dramatically reduces the running costs.


The ECB treadmill has three glass panels on each side and full glass doors giving a full view of the horse – ideal for gait and stride analysis.
When the horse works in a treadmill, with solid panels (such as steel) head and neck extension has been reported by operators, meaning the horses outline is unable to work in a correct anatomical fashion. Therefore, with full visibility of the ECB treadmill, the horse is able to drop its head and engage its core whilst working.


The ECB aqua treadmill is easy to clean with cleaning ports on both sides of the treadmill. This allows for easy access to the area below the belt. The belt can also be raised. The self clean programming allows for a timed drain down of the machine to the water tanks. It will then run through the filter for the set period of time.


All materials, including marine grade stainless steel and high quality electronics, used in the ECB aqua treadmill, are proven to meet the highest standards of ergonomic and safety design. The aqua treadmill has safety glass windows on both sides and doors.