not just for horses

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Magic, the sweetest jumping pony ever! He LOVES the cold water spa at First Class Equine

more minis

Madonna and friend… little ones in the S Bar S Mobile Spa


ECB Spa not only making horses feel great, but dogs as well! A dog being treated in the spa at ERC.


Essence the mule in the Spa at Premier Equine


Lisa, one of our Spa owners treating Plantar Fasciitis – “So happy my feet don’t hurt anymore this dang water is COLD I mean really cold!!!!!”


One of our littlest clients, treated using the half door


Dogs benefit from the Spa too… this is Case, a Blue Heeler. Case broke his leg & was treated in the spa at Finish Line Farms after the cast was removed. Dogs should be treated at a warmer temperature.


We have two spas in Dubai for Camels, as well as this regular customer at the farm in Gloucestershire


Danny Cahill – The Biggest Loser (TV Show) season 8 winner, pictured here in the ECB Cold Spa with runner up Amanda Arlauskas. The Spa was used by the contestants throughout the season as part of their recovery from the extreme workouts.


Mike Jackson, a Professional Event Rider based in Gloucestershire – “I can confirm that ECB Spas are very very cold!”