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INSTANTCRYO™ device features

A high-definition 320×240 pixel thermal imaging camera and a range of unique nozzles designed for treating specific injuries/conditions accompany the device to enable more effective and precise treatments.

High definition 320x240 pixel Thermal Imaging Camera:

The device comes with a thermal imaging camera that will allow you to:
– Identify the highly inflamed areas on your horse so you can accurately target the right parts of the horse’s injury
– Visibly see the reduction in temperature of during and after the treatment as the cryotherapeutic effect takes place and the horse naturally recovers.
– Record the temperature of the injured area over a long period of time when regularly using INSTANTCRYO™ to see that inflammation is decreasing and that recovery is taking place at a faster rate.

Device Nozzles for treatments

Red Nozzle: Used for acute injuries on shaven parts of a horse, typically post-surgery horse treatment and rehabilitation.
Black Nozzle: Specifically designed for common large surface area injuries of a horse, specifically good for relieving pain from knee and leg injuries on horses.
Cone Nozzle: A softer nozzle enabling to treat very sensitive areas of a horse, good for natural pain relief for conditions such as horse laminitis and injured tendons and
Blue Dome Nozzle: Used for cold press equine massaging. This can be used as an equine massage tool. The cold press reaches -40°C (-40°F) and lasts up to 10 minutes. Apply the cold press directly on injuries to allow the nozzle to act as a cold press massage to reduce swelling and inflammation.

INSTANTCRYO™ device safety features

Proximity sensor: To detect the presence of the horse nearby without any physical contact.

Precision laser guides: When the two laser points meet on the horse’s skin this will indicate to the user that they have achieved the optimum distance for safe use.

High Grade temperature sensor: The device has a high grade ‘Temperature Sensor’ to measure the most accurate surface temperature of the horse’s skin before, during and after the treatment.

Dual LED lights: Dual ‘LEDs’ will turn from a white light to a blue light when optimum temperature has been reached 39.2°C (38.56°F).

Underside rubber grip: The underside of the device has an ‘Ergonomic Grip’ to control the device in the hand-held mode.

Side finger grips: To enable the user to hold the device with their fingers allowing more precise usage and detailed therapy.