GG Engineering High Speed Treadmill

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When operating the GG Treadmill, the control panel offers valuable information so that trainers and owners can accurately track the workout of their equine athlete.
The control terminal displays the speed and incline in which the horse is travelling, the duration and distance the horse has been working and a stopwatch to time various parts of the workout.
The GG Engineering high-speed treadmill provides the ultimate horse training experience, operating at speeds of up to 45km/h and 6 degrees of incline. The GG Engineering design team has been tirelessly refining treadmills for over 15 years, to bring you the most robust, dependable, and quietest high-speed treadmill on the market.
The GG equine treadmill is a stand-alone unit and can simply be placed, plugged in, and operated. Although it is a plug-and-play system GG representation from either GG Engineering or ECB, at the time of commissioning is part of the service included in the sale of all treadmills. GG Engineering prides itself on after-sales support.
The GG water treadmill can be found throughout multiple high-level stables around the world; including Group 1 racing stables and elite equine rehabilitation centers. The benefits of training horses on dry treadmills are endless; you’re able to exercise the horse with complete control of their speed, distance, incline, and the ground they’re working on in a safe environment, without the hindrance of a rider.