Rehabilitation Facilities... (North America)

“The Sanctuary prides itself in making available virtually every rehabilitative treatment modality possible.  Largely due to veterinary referrals within the first year of operation, the ECB Equine Spa has undoubtedly been the most widely used piece of equipment in the facility."

Brenda McDuffee, manager of The Sanctuary in Ocala, FL




“The ECB Equine Spa has been a valuable piece of equipment not only for our client horses, but for our business. Being able to reduce inflammation and provide our client's with the most effective icing method on the market, saves us time as a business owner and helps our client horses return to competition more quickly. The spa is easy to use, low-maintenance and extremely effective. Whether you are dealing with horses in rehabilitation or training, the ECB Equine Spa is a valuable investment that I highly recommend!"

Pat Grohl, Premier Equine Center in Oakdale, CA


“My horse is Sx Dr Peacharita. She was injured in November of 2011 . After surgery in December she got capsulitis in both front fetlock joints. After 2 MRI 's and several vets telling us there was nothing we could do, I started researching. I found ECB Equine Spa. After using this method she's back in full force. Second run back she won the All American Youth Barrel race by 2 tenth's. This is the largest paying youth race in the world. She won 10,000.00 in 2 runs. The vets can't believe how much mobility she has regained. I've used this system twice a day for several months and will to continue for the rest of her barrel racing career. "

Stephanie Wheeler, owner of  Sx Dr Peacharita 2010 NBHA Youth World Champion USA